10 Questions with...James Bloom, CEO of Regentsmead

10 Questions with...James Bloom, CEO of Regentsmead



This week we target James Bloom, the chief executive of privately owned development finance lender, Regentsmead:


  • How long have you been with Regentsmead and how have you progressed through the ranks?

I am the ‘new boy’ having only been here for 23 years! I like to think I have progressed a fair bit since those early days of making the tea twice a day and doing the post!


  • Did you do anything before this? Like a paper round?

Regentsmead is my only full time employment. I had a number of part time jobs before embarking on my career and I was excellent at washing cars!


  • What’s your favourite thing about working in the development finance sector?  

The fact that every case is different and we are actually lending on something tangible. There are far too many industries that deal in paper, we prefer to work with old fashioned bricks and mortar.


  • …And the worst?

Not all borrowers want to pay us back!


  • What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Building up a loan book from scratch and seeing the brand grow.


  • …And your most embarrassing moment?

That’s easy, my first business lunch at the age of 18 ended up with a potato flying from my plate and landing on the floor. To compound my embarrassment a waiter in white gloves picked up the offending potato brought it back to the table and in front of everyone said “I believe this belongs to you sir”!!


  • If you weren’t working in property what would be your Plan B job?

Playing for my beloved Arsenal!


  • Can you predict what’s in store for development lending this year?

A very cautious year with little growth. There are many uncertainties still in the market and we do not believe we are at the beginning of another boom yet. Stability appears to have returned to the market and sector which is positive.


  • When you’re not working how do you relax?

Play lots of sport and spend time with my young family.


  • Finally, what is something others would be surprised to find out about you?  

Nothing too unusual I am afraid, probably the fact that I started with Regentsmead just after my 17th birthday and am still here nearly 23 years later is unusual enough in this day and age!

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