Large loan specialist closes £3.9m case

Large loan specialist closes £3.9m case


A lender that specialises in placing large bridging loans through a network of private investors and hedge funds has announced that it has just closed a £3.9 million loan. 

The Aberdeen-based lending specialist, Jumbo Bridging, has said that the £3.9 million loan is its largest deal of the year so far, and equalled 108% of the £3.6 million purchase price on a property in Leicester Square, Central London.


The property is a mixed commercial unit, and will be turned into a Japanese restaurant set to be “the new Nobu”, according to Jumbo Bridging.


As it is funded by active entrepreneurs, rather than banks, the bridging lender has said that it is able to take a flexible view to lending, and lending in areas that other bridging finance providers tend to shy away from, such as restaurants, bars and pubs.


Chris Dailly, principal of Jumbo Bridging, said: “Basically as long as the transaction makes sense and we can see ourselves how it will work then we are usually happy to lend based upon the value of the property and not the purchase price.”


Jumbo Bridging has been around since 2006 as a brokerage and master broker, but chose last year to fully enter the bridging market as a lender specialising in large transactions.


Mr Dailly added: “Due to the various lending constraints in the market we developed a large loan product that actually works. There are many firms out there that promote large loans, but we believe that we stand out from the others as we actually close large loan deals.”

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