B&C Awards 2011 photos 2

'Jade Esterkin being a sore loser'


'The model guests'


'Strictly come dancing'


'What d'ya mean you won't lend me money!'


'Go on... give us a kiss!'


'Stop!, it tickles!'


'MT - "I'm a winner and I have a trophy to prove it"'


'Ian Harrisson from Affirmative in his element'


'What an entrance'


'The Legal Eagles'


''Lining up to get in'




'Love the way you pout!'


'What did you say?!'


'What a line-up!'


'Music to my ears'


'What a crowd'




'Winners table'


'What a diamond'


'Quick... run before someone else claims it'


'Cleary Enterprising'


'Harry showing Danny some love'


'Yes Duncan, it's an award!


'Mr Samuels looking smug'


'Liz: "Ok Elliot, you don't need to grab me"'


'Yes Liz... that's a mic'


'UTB rejoice'


'Paul forgets his lines'


'Team borro'