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The Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP)

Founded in late 2010, the AOBP aims to be the definitive representative body for intermediaries, master brokers and affiliated individuals within the bridging finance industry. Its main objective is to provide a non-competitive forum for discussion, while upholding standards and promoting transparency within the sector.

The AOBP endeavours to keep members abreast of matters affecting the bridging world and encourages the exchange of information which will enable the industry to enjoy ongoing success.

The Executive Committee consists of 12 of the top packagers, legal and compliance experts, each of whom lend their expertise and knowledge to the Association. It features a panel of eight Affiliate Lenders who work closely with members on every tier in providing the best product available.

The AOBP consider the position of short term finance to be of the utmost importance in the greater finance sector and are working hard to create guidelines which in turn will increase the understanding of bridging.



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