Bridging & Commercial celebrates 10 years of informing the specialist property finance market in 2018. Launched at the height of the banking crisis, we have consistently supported this burgeoning sector, often working with many of the industry's leading lenders from the inception of their businesses.

Renowned for being the broker's go-to online platform for all things specialist finance, we have now expanded into print with the launch of the Bridging & Commercial Magazine in January 2019.

We have charted the journey of print in our industry and accept that any publisher launching a product of this kind today will need to bring something different to its readers. As such, we intend to capture your attention by making the Bridging & Commercial Magazine unlike anything else that is currently available.

In addition to new and innovative sections, this medium will now be home to our increasingly popular approach to longform content, initially piloted and explored on our website. Lifting the lid on industry reactions to macro happenings in the wider finance, political and economic worlds and uncovering the effects of these developments on our markets has earned us a loyal following.

As with, we want this magazine to be a fresh way to convey the voices, opinions and ideas of our industry’s stakeholders to brokers and intermediaries.

Don’t let its traditional guise fool you: we will be injecting as much energy into this new publication as we have dedicated to our online title over the past decade.

If you would like to receive a copy of our media pack for 2019, please email Caron Schreuder [email protected] Details of our publication dates, forward features list and much more will be available soon. 

Readers may subscribe to receive their free copy of the bimonthly Bridging & Commercial Magazine here.