The revellers

Alun Winter, from Intelligent Loans, winner of Best Specialist Packager, with West One and guests


Guests at Aubrey David's table, winner of Best Bridging Legal Partner 2010


Regentsmead, winner of Best Development Lender 2010, and guests


Bridging lender Drawbridge Finance and guests celebrate their double win


Bridging and Commercial's Legal Eagle, Brightstone Law, and guests


 The new bridging lender on the block - United Trust Bank and guests


 Eugene Esterkin, director of Affirmative Finance, who gave a moving tribute to his friend, Laurie Hoffman, winner of Outstanding Contribution to Bridging


The lovely ladies of Lancashire Mortgage Corporation, winner of Best Specialist Lender 2010


The likely lads of Drawbridge Finance posing with the Bridging and Commercial models