MIMHC launches industry survey ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) has launched a survey on mental health and wellbeing in the industry.

The study will be exploring the factors which can impact an individual’s mental health to better understand areas where support is required.

It will also look to establish how mental health and wellbeing provisions have changed during the final pandemic stages and how the current cost of living crisis is affecting stress levels.

The survey questions will focus on work/life balance, sleep patterns and workplace mental health provisions.

The results of the study will be published on Monday, 9th May and will be available via a free downloadable resource which can be accessed on the MIMHC website.

The organisation is encouraging all mortgage intermediaries and support staff operating in the sector to complete the survey, which is available here.

Andrew Montlake, MD at Coreco, said: “The industry has come a long way in how we deal with mental health issues, recognising that it can affect us all and that we should not be afraid to talk about it. 

“However, there is so much more that is still to be done and this survey will help to shine a light on where we are and how we can go further to support the talent in our industry.”

Martin Reynolds, CEO at SimplyBiz Mortgages, commented: “It is always important to gauge how people are feeling in the ever-changing environment we are currently in. 

“The market has many twists and turns and we are seeing pressure points presently in relation to the plethora of rate changes which add time and stress to the adviser community. 

“Trying to understand how people are feeling and how we are in comparison to previous surveys is important.”

William Lloyd-Hayward, COO at Brightstar Group, added: “At a time of so many changes across our industry and in peoples personal lives, it is really beneficial to see how people are feeling and how that has changed through the pandemic. 

“The feedback from this survey will further help inform the plans of the MIMHC, as we aim to have over 200 members by the end of 2022.”

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