Catalyst launches promotion offering to pay half of borrower valuation fees upfront

Specialist lender Catalyst is offering to “go dutch” and pay 50% of bridging borrowers’ valuation fees upfront up to a maximum contribution value of £1,500 including VAT.

This limited offer is available on all qualifying Catalyst bridging loans during May and June.

Chris Fairfax, CEO at Catalyst (pictured above), said: “Building on our foundations as a disruptive specialist lender we’re excited to launch a promotion that demonstrates Catalyst’s ability to provide brokers with something fresh and exciting for their clients.

“While many lenders, ourselves included, have run valuation fee refund promotions in the past, this is different, we are paying upfront.

“As soon as the borrower pays towards their valuation fee, Catalyst contributes too.”

“We want to offer something meaningful, a solution that will resonate with brokers as a good opportunity for their client to save cash while still benefiting from our bridging options.

“We understand that valuations are often the largest upfront cost involved in bridging finance and we feel now is the right time to help reduce costs for our borrowers and truly align ourselves with our customers.”

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