There's still good quality business to be done, say Base

There's still good quality business to be done, say Base


Base Commercial Mortgages Limited, the specialist commercial mortgage lender, says there are good reasons for commercial mortgage brokers to remain optimistic and that there is still plenty of good quality business to be done.

Paul Marland, Sales & Marketing Director at Base, explains: “The news is full of stories about rising fuel and commodity prices and falling consumer confidence, which is creating an expectation that a recession is an inevitability.

“However, the reports tell only half the story. Although manufacturing output growth slowed in April, the first quarter of 2008 was strong with annualised growth being at its highest for 3 years. What’s more, exports to Europe, which account for more than 50% of our foreign trade, has held up well and trade with developing countries, which accounts for 22% of exports, has also remained strong. Margins on foreign exports have been enhanced by the depreciation of sterling.

“British business, particularly exporting, continues to do well and, although I’m not trying to pretend that our economy is immune from a economic downturn, neither do I believe a recession is a forgone conclusion.

“Business needs capital for cashflow, to fund new equipment and to buy premises; it is the oil which lubricates the economy. There is still plenty of good quality business to be done for commercial finance brokers and Base can provide the funding, expertise and a fast and efficient service to enable brokers to capitalise on the opportunities.”

Base also points out that the number of people in employment has risen to a record high of 29.5 million and that unemployment has fallen by 40,000 in the first quarter this year.

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